Revelation Into Resolution

Revelation Into Resolution

Unity of Fayetteville Talk 1/26/20 (transcript - written as spoken) 

A wise counselor once said to me "you are not your thoughts".  

At the time it was the perfect thing for me to hear…

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The Path of Sacred Flow

The first song of my  Sacred Flow concept album has been released! 

Track #1 Mandala is available for download now. Click the link to download and support the production of this album!  I am releasing one song at a

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Mom's Tough Days

Friday Dec 1  It's been a tough couple of weeks for mom ... and we are down at the ER for the 3rd time. Nothing life threatening at the moment and if not for the fact that all the clinics…

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The Greatest Love of All

(Written as spoken) Transcript of Unity Talk 9.15.19 -

Watch this talk on YouTube here:

Let me ask you a question.  Have you told yourself lately that you love you? No seriously. Have you? Maybe looked…

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Mom's Moved In ~ Its one Day at a time

Mom is settling in well and doing really good. I am very thankful that she is at the top of her base level for health right now so I can take her around Fayetteville and show her the sights. Last…

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The Miracle of Springfield

So my past week was a bit .. A BIT of a whirlwind.  Went down to Houston for mama care/family wedding. Had some good days caring for her and being her escort for wedding events. (Everybody was looking good, I…

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Thought Antidotes

This is a transcript of my message: Thought Antidotes

Given a Unity Fayetteville 1/27/19

I hope to have the video posted of it on my You Tube Channel soon!
Namaste ~ ginger

Thought Antidotes (This is a

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A slice of life

Just a slice of my life at this moment: I’m in Houston, sitting next to mom on my laptop in between appts and phone calls. She watches fox news while I escape to the serenely and beauty of  Moonlight Sonata…

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We are destined to overcome

I love seeing headlines like this! 

The intolerant cannot and will not stand. It goes against the very flow of creation. They will die away and be born again into a world of love for all whether they like…

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