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  1. Teacher

From the recording Hand and Hammer

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I wrote "Teacher" at a turning point in my spiritual understanding. The ultimate Teacher is within. But I don't listen to that teacher sometimes. I think; "It can't be me. I must be wrong. I need someone else a lot smarter and more enlightened to guide me." Nope. It truly is my heart that knows what I must do. And I can feel it when it speaks from the divine, and the more I listen the more I will be able to hear. And the more I act on those impulses - the better off I will be.



Alone again
the pain comes washing over me like rain
in a land already flooded
time again
for lessons learned
and strength to break the damn
And how can I be tame
when the wild in my soul remains

Teacher come to me
Teacher set me free

Along the path
I happen on the demons I must face
and the light and the choice
on and on
my journey takes me through the twisted wood
And how can I
be still
and know the boundless reaches of my will

Teacher walk with me
Teach me endlessly

Sense the rush
the feeling that comes over me when I
realize I'm not alone
and instantly
I know that you and I in truth are one
Take the journey to
your inner lands
and touch the light within you
without your hands

Teacher I am free
The Teacher lives in me