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  1. Sister

From the recording Hand and Hammer

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This is a song from my soul to myself... oooo creepy. But really it is. I started writing it and I realized that my soul was speaking to me - like it does.


Words and Music Ginger Doss
Released On: Hand and Hammer out 2010

Sister made me go
Fast asleep and begging to know
where you going?
what you gonna do?
sister made it through

Sister let me speak
take your foot out and use your mouth to breath
why walk when you can fly
why talk when you can sing

Sister how will I ever show you?
You're half way whole...

Sister shut me out
the margaritas, the mind chatter
and the random acts of doubt
Are you fighting me?
Are you scared to know?


I am made of the past
and I'm how you will last
I am always and only now
I am one with the world
not just one with this girl
I will follow and I will lead
I'm your soul
I'm your soul