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  1. Hanged Man

From the recording Hand and Hammer

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Hanged Man

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This song describes what I experienced and realized after a tarot card reading in which I received the "Hanged Man" card. Oy - let it go - it doesn't serve you anymore...got you hanging upside down. Sound familiar?


Words and Music Ginger Doss
Last verse lyrics written By Lynda Millard
Released On: Hand and Hammer

I started on my journey
as an infant soul
searching but not knowing of the end
gathered my defenses
burdened down my beast
never knowing hat would save me
was within

I stumbled through the darkness
fear was pounding
at my heart
See how hope when looked for
fades away
Feeling for my weapons
holding high my shield
I had to let them go to find my way

I drew the hanged man
He's telling me
I must release it
all that's dear to me

When you gaze in the mirror
what do you see
look beyond your face
your eyes
Can you feel your heartbeat,
hear your soul?
You're alive

The image on the tarot card
is asking me
Can't you see the answers
are inside of you
Cut the ties that bind you
all along you held the key
The journey's there to make
you learn to fly