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  1. Four Directions

From the recording Hand and Hammer

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Four Directions

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An incredibly powerful knowing and energy surrounded my first spiritual adventure in the wild. My soul was returning to the ancient tools of my ancestors and the path of the warrior spirit. It felt like coming home and reminded me of the importance of acknowledging the directions, the seasons, the circles in our lives and how they connect to everything and everyone. I wrote this song after returning home from that experience.


Words and Music Ginger Doss
Last verse lyrics written By Lynda Millard
Keyboards, Vocals & Djembe Ginger Doss
Additional Djembe Ryan Kelso
Background Vocals Bekah Kelso

From the center of the circle I can see
The world in all directions streaming out from me
with the eyes of my soul
I see my four reflections

As the infant in the east begins to open his eyes
the fire from within will ignite the sky
in this moment I am
my own creation

Growing wild within the south
let your nectar fill my mouth
I will drink of all desire
dance to midday sun my sire

I can face the four directions
knowing all without, within
I can learn from these connections
for the world and I are one

In the west we go to sleep
merry part and merry meet
Oh you cannot give away what will be back
for even with the setting sun
a new day has begun
on the other side
and with what you have done
you will now decide

In the winter midnight north
let the mystery pour fourth
in the dark the light is seen
where I'm going
where I've been