Down Time For Muses

#Musesontheroad Tour (Oct 26th - Nov 21st 2017) Having a few days to rest and recover in Seattle has been so nice. I think at our last show we were all a bit loopy and in much need of some down time. 8) We are now parked at our sweet host Betsy Tinney's House who together with her hubby Dave has been taking such good care of us. We all pretty much slept through the first day and are now slowly venturing out. <3 Gearing up for these last #Musesontheoad shows is bitter sweet. So excited to see my love Andrea and my family again but don't want this magic to end. Wish we could have it *all* ~ *all* the time. But then maybe we would all be spoiled, bored and aloof with nothing to yearn for. Or maybe we would all live in such a state of gratitude and peace that the human race would catapult into the next evolutionary shift ushering the dawning of a new age of (asparagus) peace, joy and creative utopia! These are the things I think about if you leave me alone too long. ;) I do know that most of this trip I have indeed felt a very profound sense of gratitude. Grateful beyond words for my beautiful and talented tour mates Lynda Millard Sj Tucker Renée Drabarni Janskin and Ronda Jean and all they do and are; dearest friends and epic talents who I love with all my heart and with whom I am honored and privileged to share the making of music! And thankful for our families at home who patiently support and wait for us, letting us do these crazy things and without which we would be ~ I don't know, crying in the corner? I don't like to think about it ;) but I do know that the foundation they are in my life makes it possible for me to do this from a stronger place... makes it possible for me to give more, do more, go farther than I would if they were not there. <3 And HUGE gratitude for the people who come and see us. Yes you! Ultimately YOU are why we are here. You give our music flight and the love and LIFE it needs to thrive and make a difference in the world. When we tour we are doing this and making this music and energy TOGETHER WITH YOU and it that is the magic and the fire that will burn within long after we are gone. Thank you, all. <3

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