1. We Are Love

From the album Hippie Pocket

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We Are Love

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This song is meant to have bit of a gospel feel. I imagined being able to hire a gospel choir to sing the background vocals on this but in the end its just lil ol me. I was talking to Summer Osborne about coming to play her festival Venus Fest, which is in Illinios in August. It was november or december at the time and I had no idea how I would be able to make it. But I said I would make it! Cuz there is so much love and with love all things are possible!! And then I said " You know what" I am gonna write song!! With Love all things are possible! Cuz I was in song writing mode. And sure enough here it is. Close your eyes and think of a hippie church with a rainbow gospel choir.


words and music ginger doss

We begin with love
And we grow with love
We truly live when we give love
We can choose to love
Speak words of love
Become a force for good love
In this world

Lets fly together
Like birds of a feather
And rise together
If one by one we lift each other
One Love

One love forever

We are love, We are Love
and with love all things are possible

You never pray alone
You never teach alone
You never give what you got alone
You never heal alone
You never die alone
You’re just returning home

Lets heal together
We must release our anger
Accept out power
Comes from comes from love
And no other

One love forever

We are love. We are love
And with love all things are possible

With Love, All Things