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  1. Night Mare

From the recording Hippie Pocket

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Night Mare

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Night Mare in its original meaning had nothing to do with a horse. The word derives from the Old English "mare" a mythological demon or goblin who torments others with frightening dreams. But I when I was a kid I didn't know that and have always liked the idea of a demon horse that takes you on a scary ride at night. I don't know why this song came out of me in the midst of all the other writing for Hippie Pocket but it did so I went with it.


words and music ginger doss

Riding on her back side with my hands tied and my eyes wide
Squeezin as I lean in dig my heels in to her slick black skin

And she run thru the night and I try to fight

Night mare comes in sleep to take you
Riding into fears that ellude you
In day light
but tonight
Suddenly you’re running into
All the fears she wants to show you

Beware The Night Mare

I can’t run I can’t hide I can only stay on this ride
Her hooves and my heart are pounding harder harder harder as we fly
It's a face and a place that I don’t want to see
It’s a time and a space where I don’t want to be

She won’t let me go


We gallop through her psychedelic circus oh her purpose will not cease
She becomes the carosel that turns through hell and brings me to the beast

To escape from the fate will you need to awake
But she keeps you believing until the day break