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Charlotte Bojangle

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This is a true story! You can find a picture of Charlotte in my photos. (I got the name by combining a famous spider with a famous vagabond) This HUGE spider built a web between my car and my trailer in the summer of 14 starting in Chicago. And even though I kept destroying her web by driving for hundreds of miles down freeways, through storms and weaving through city traffic she kept re-building it again and again. I will never forget her, my vagabond spider. And it earned her this song!


words and music ginger doss

Charlotte Bojangle
She’ll tangle
You in her rainbow web
Charlotte Bojangle
She dangle
Might be hiding in your dreads

She hitched a ride on my back of my bumper
Made a web between my car and my trailer
She hang tight in the wind on the freeway
She make light of the turns in the city.
I see her clear in my rearview mirror

8 leg hippie rode with me to Mississippi


When I park in the dark she would come out
Tend to her webin and then get the word out
“Im in town come on down and we’ll party
Come wiggle in my weave little buggy
Come nearer then I’ll have dinner…
If I don’t eat you now I’ll tie you up for later”


She stayed with me for a month in the summer
Then took off in a van with a drummer
I miss the wacky web she made on my vehicle
It was a mystical magical miracle
I’ll never forget her my vagabond spider