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  1. Rain Down

From the recording Hippie Pocket

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Rain Down

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I was sitting in the car during a torrential downpour worrying. Then I started thinking that I should chant a melody to the rain as a way to reset and take my worry away instead of adding to it. I thought about how great it would be to chant that anytime it rained and always associate rain with the cleansing my mind through the singing of this chorus.


words and music ginger doss
All vocals and instruments performed by ginger doss

When its time for a change you know
Your shiny seed must grow
But it can be hard to let things go
That’s when the rain must flow

Rain Down
Rain Come Down
Wash my worry when the Rain Come Down

When dark surrounds us
It’s like a chrysalis
Where caterpillar makes a fuss
The butterfly will trust

When come the flood of tears
We can release our fears
Flow down and disappear
Then muddy water clear