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Living In Paradise

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I had so much fun with this song. You should have seen me dancing while i recorded the vocals. I have always believed that this planet is paradise and that we never truly left the garden. It is our state of mind which can lead us back to that constant knowing. No matter what the humans do on the earth or to it... the earth herself is paradise ~ a gift beyond all measure and beauty. This is a fun way of expressing that heartfelt belief.


words and music ginger doss
All vocals, instruments and loops performed and arranged by ginger doss

When its feeling like it's all too much
And your feeling like your heads gonna bust
Take a minute and look around you

See the beautiful places
See the beautiful faces
Find the beautiful spaces inside you

We’re living in paradise

I get real dreamy when I think of fiji
Gonna buy me a bungelo someday
I’ll meet with you in the beautiful blue
And in the free time
When I have some me time
Ill be splashin in a lake in the summer time

We’re living in paradise

Open up the window and let the air flow
That would never be possible on Pluto
We have it better no matter the weather
When you rest in awareness
Soon forget about your mess
and remember how your blessed

We’re living in paradise

We built our cities on all kind of pretties
But there’s a lot of us to clean the nitty gritties
If you don’t like the view you know what to do

I like to lye on the grass
And watch the clouds as they pass
There’s so much to miss if I go too fast

Were living in paradise

I like hang gliding and even skydiving
Never did it but it seems exciting
Come along with me we’ll jump on 3
I like to get a little sun
Try not to get it over done
That can complicate the night time fun