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  1. And In Me

From the recording Hippie Pocket

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And In Me

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We are one with everything... what you see is also in you...AND IN ME. That goes for the unseen as well ~ the flow of energy generated by all living things. When we become aware of that connection and let go of the thoughts and attitudes that block the flow of love and strength we receive from that connection, we are empowered to live a happier healthier life and share that well being with all around us.


Words and Music Ginger Doss
All instrumentation arranged and produced by Ginger Doss
Keyboards, vocals Ginger Doss
Background vocals and Flute Lynda Millard
© Copyright 2015 Still Mind Wild Heart Music

In the sea and in me
Are the songs of the whales
And the star fish's dreams
In the sea and in me
The first breath of life
And the edge of what can be

In the sky so am I
In a storm of emotion
It rains from my eyes
In the sky so am I
Dust from the milky way sparkles in my mind

As Above So below
Open up your heart to the divine flow
Let it be it is so
Trust with your whole mind
Connect and let go

I am kin
To the wind
Breathing in the breezes
Dancing on my skin

And heard
Like the bird
I soar with the currents
All across the verse

As above so below
All is one and part of the divine flow
Let it be it is so
Trust and surrender let it all go

We are one
With the sun
And we shine by believing
In all that we have done
And we can
Hand in Hand
Make this world stronger
Connecting with the land