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Hippie Pocket

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My friend Devonne and I were sitting around the camp at Brushwood talking about the fact that every town has a cool pocket... a hippie pocket. She said I should write a song called Hippie Pocket and boy did she start something!! I realized just how deep you could reach into that analogy ;)


Words and Music Ginger Doss
All instrumentation arranged and produced by ginger doss
Keyboards and vocals ginger doss

In a new town and I’m sitting in traffic
Gonna go round gotta get past it
Find myself on a colorful back street
Where the People walk to the sound of the back beat
Suddenly sun is shining, tye is dying, gay is pridin
Colors are bright with rainbow light and new blue jeans are fading

Hippy pocket
Urban Mythical cultural pinnacle
Hippy pocket
Dig down deep and you find something sweet
Hippy pocket
Gimme what you got in your hippy pocket

Car Broke down far from the city
Tow Truck Guy didn’t like the looks a me
Had to walk away from the process mechanical
Got a warm welcome from the shop with the pentacle
Lured by the mist with the herbal twist I got my back room bearrings
Made a magic quest to the pagan fest where the faerie folk are flying


How’d I get to a tea party rally?
Must have been a powerful brownie
Spilled veggie juice on Michael Leahy
Slipped out through the darkest alley
Went back around to the part of town my people like to hang out
Hookah bars, sitars, art cars, guitars and occupy is camped out

Once they made me put a dress on
When there was a swank reception
Even had to get my hair done
I can’t walk with girlie shoes on
But down the hall was another kinda ball with body paint and black light
Don’t need clothes when your body glows it turned into good night


If you think you've lost it find a Hippie Pocket

I know a hippie when I see one

With a bowl and a blanket
got my tunes and I crank it
got my pack and I'm ridin in the back
of my pick up truck - yup