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  1. Shadow

From the recording This Cocoon

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This song was inspired by a year in which there were three lunar eclipses. Looking up you can see our shadow being cast. I was looking closely at my own shadow at that time - Getting ready to leave a long term relationship and my world was upside down.


Words and Music Ginger Doss
Ginger Doss - Lead Vocals, Piano, Keyboard cello
Bekah Kelso - Background vocal

and the sky is still dark
I look up and my shadow
is staring back at me

How long must I wait
how long will it take
to heal

Winter wind is ripping
through my heart
and rearranging the way
I put things down

How bad will it hurt
and how hard will it be
to leave

Im off to bed no turning back
the wine will help me sleep tonight
the pain is melting into, melting into dream

I can look in you
like I look into
a mirror
and the more I do
the more I see myself clearer

and Vesuvius has buried us
in a moment in time
and when they dig us out
they’ll try to figure out
what was ever on our mind
in that time

and the sky is blue light
i look up and my shadow
is no where i can see