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  1. Wounded Heart

From the recording This Cocoon

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Wounded Heart

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Sometimes I like to think of a time in my live before I ever experienced heartbreak. Though my heart is wounded, I think it can be healed, and I can return again to a place to total trust - in myself and my ability to love.


Words and Music Ginger Doss
Ginger Doss - Lead Vocal, Guitar, keys, keyboard bass, percussion
Bekah Kelso - Background vocal

Sometimes I
can't fit into this skin
I'm way too high
don't want to be back in
so I wake up slowly
and take it only
for awhile
and later I'll smile cause

My wounded heart
will run away
I tell myself
I'll end this pain
so call me on
a better day
a maybe I
won't feel this way

Sometimes I
can't say what I'm feeling
it's spread out too wide
and I'm never through dealing
with expectations
as I first made them
and who am I hurting now
an answer as look down at my


Sometimes I
wish things could be different
but I found out why
we never could have it
Cause love would not leave me
like you did so easily
now that you're gone I can see
now that you're gone I am free

And my wounded Heart
will heal the pain
I'll find myself
and begin again
so call me now
or any day
cause baby I
don't feel the same