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  1. Mask

From the recording This Cocoon

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This song was inspired by my journey to self acceptance and dropping the Mask of deceit I wore to protect myself from rejection. It happened that while I was writing the song, I saw a video posted by Ellen Degeneres about a young boy who was shot by a fellow classmate because he gave him a valentine. I was deeply moved by what she said about teaching our children to accept others and went to a hate crimes website. There I found so many tragic stories of gay people who had lost their lives due to prejudice. I felt called to include one of their stories here...


Words and Music Ginger Doss
Ginger Doss - Lead Vocal, Guitar, Keys, percussion
Bekah Kelso - Background Vocal
SJ Tucker - Background Vocal

Maggie was a tomboy
She re-defined a girl
and made her mama crazy
She tried to mold her to her world

Ah, the tough girl
Would learn how to dress and sit still
Ah, the one girl
Would learn to live two different lives
Of love, of fear

Michael liked good music
And had a way with a needle and thread
He wanted to meet a man who could dance
So he went to the world wide web

A lonely man looking for a friend
Becomes a target for them
And he meets his end instead

Ah, the news man
So callously read the report
Spent his last birthday
Surrounded by family and friends
on life support

All life is sacred
Blessed and met to be
Divinely created
Through us, divinity speaks
Theres no though process
To love unconditionally
So listen to you heart and not to the hate

They say that all men are made equal
A gift from our maker above
It’s hard to believe after all we’ve achieved
There are laws that forbid any love