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  1. Come Down

From the recording Hand and Hammer

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Come Down

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Inspired by my expanded spiritual tribe in tribute to the many magical nights around a fire; drumming our intention, dancing our passion. We always look to the sky - and here, for a moment, we look to each other and renew the awareness of our own divine potential.


Words and Music Ginger Doss
Released On: Hand and Hammer

I am listening, I'm listening for you
I want to hear you speak to me
I bare my body between fire and sky
and wake my spirit now to rise
I am here and more than I am
have I been all that I can be?
Am I you?
I want you to show me
I want to be more than I ever dreamed

I stretch my arms across the sky
Can you hear me call your name?
I think it's time we walk together
Come to me I'm not afraid

Come Down, Come Down
Come Down off of the mountain
when you hear the words are spoken in your name
Come Down, Come Down
and dance upon the earth
and for the moment let the veil between us fade

I am here
So born of the earth
and wind from heaven did complete me
bring to me a handful of stardust
that I can cast into my darkest night
and with your touch my heart unfolds
and blooms within a rose of love
and down my spine
the golden vine
will stretch my roots into the earth


I stretch my arms across the sky
can you hear me call your name
I think its time we walk together
come to me I'm not afraid