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  1. Warrior
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This is a very personal song for me and explores my fight with depression. In buddhism the spiritual warrior bravely faces their darkest side in order to heal themselves and others. I have always resonated with the warrior energy and this helped me to overcome my fear, face my demons and begin the path towards true healing.


Words and Music Ginger Doss
All Vocals Ginger Doss
All Instrumentation created by Ginger Doss
Copyright 2012 All Rights reserved

There's a piece of me you never see
Standing on the shore
shouting at the sea
held fast by the water
nothing could stop me
but such a vast ocean
from kissing you right now
and make it work some how

There's a piece of me that's afraid
a very large piece of an impractical pie
and I don't like the taste of it
It's always served up at an inopportune time
like when I took that first step back
and you did not dissent

This is the time
When all of your doubts are taking a number
and standing in line
This is the time
when all of your fears are fighting
for the rights to your mind
And I won't let them take me
I won't let them break me
cause I am a warrior

And all of me is alive
though it doesn't feel like it
part of the time
like when I don't want to be here
Its hard to admit that I could forget
that this life isn't worth
every single tear
and everything we must bear

This is the time
When all of your friends will come to be counted
by your side
and this is the time
when the army of one relies of the strength of tribe
And I won't let it take me
I won't let it break me
I am a warrior