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  1. Run Little One
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Run Little One

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This song was inspired by a children's story written by Andrea Sumers called Imogen Imagines. At the core of our being lays the divine creative force of the universe. When we imagine and play act as children we are allowing that creative force to blossom within us. Within our dreams and imaginings are the keys to our highest potential and our ultimate happiness.


Words and Music Ginger Doss
All Vocals Ginger Doss
All instrumentation and Drum Loops created by Ginger Doss
Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved

Imagene was imagining
that she was a native American
She was the proud Chief “Thunder Cloud”
The first girl cool enough to be Chief

And tribe stands by watching her ride
As she gallops across the plain
With a broken broom in a 10 x 10 play room
She leads them all from danger
The best girl chief

Run little one have fun little one
To the highest mountain go
And feel the wind upon your face
Your dreams are made of magic
That can change the world

Imagene was space walking
Silver the astronaut dog
Its true that playin chase
Is more fun in outer space
When you float its so much harder to get caught

And the folks at command
Just don’t understand
Why he barks at shooting stars
He wants to bury things
In Saturns Rings
And a ball the size of Pluto
To bring back home

You shoulda seen
When she learned a brand new song
She would always glow
when she played the piano
It was clear that this was truly love for life
Her music can relay
What is hard for her to say
From deep inside her heart
Still the very best days
Are the ones where she can play
The music is the magic
For her soul to fly


Want to run away with you
There is so much that we can do
Making castles in the sky
Making dessert with a mud pie