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  1. Highway Hippies
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Highway Hippies

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When you travel the road for a living and as a part of your dream you meet a lot of magical people and have a lot of amazing experiences. This song was inspired by some of those folks and from some of my experiences on the road.


Words and Music Ginger Doss
Lead vocal Ginger Doss
Drums Tabber Millard
All other instrumentation and background vocals Ginger Doss
Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved

This is a happy day
Because I am on my way
Might as well make it a holiday
And when I get there we’ll celebrate

Making like a hobo
Rocking it solo aint so bad
And there’s nothing holding me back

Don’t need no stinking map
I got a GPS that’ll find the way
There’s no turning back
I gotta watch the road if I wants a snack
Who put it in the way back

Highway hippies of the 21st century
Don’t try to understand it just revel in the mystery
Chasing our dreams in our dirty jeans
And relying on a system of elaborate freeways

Which exit should I take
That red tail will lead the way
I wanna find some tumbleweeds
I’m scattering my pot seeds
For the next guy
Who knows what’ll grow if you give it a try

And when I stop for fuel
I try to go to truck stops as a rule
I’m buying lots o nuts
There’s nothing else to eat if you’re vegan
At the gas station


I like the window down
Now my left arm is a golden brown
I really just an earth child
I wanna go a little wild
But I need my car
Or I can’t get very far