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  1. Celtic Knot

From the recording Sacred Flow

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Celtic Knot

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As I wrote down the symbols and practices that I wanted to transform into song for this concept album they each inspired different reactions from me. And as "Celtic Knot" made it to the list I was moved to my core. I have always felt my ties to the ancient past in many lifetimes remembered especially those from my Celtic past. I am an old soul and I remember.

After much searching both within and through online sources about what this symbol meant what truly began to speak to me was *common thread* found in the Celtic Knot symbol itself. Only one thread is used in each design which symbolizes how life, love and eternity are interconnected. These knots are complete loops that have no start or finish and could be said to represent eternity and the bonds we make through family, friendship and love. I started to see how the Celtic Knot tied me to my ancestors across the sea and the cycle of life from the beginning to now in a very sacred way. I have Scottish ancestry to the clan Sinclair through my great grandmother from the Orkney Isles. (Her picture is seen in the video when Andrea goes through the old trunk) Whether you have Celtic roots or not, it is a symbol who's deep meaning weaves through us all.


Words and Music by Ginger Doss
Copyright 2020
Produced arranged and recorded By ginger doss
Lead vocal, keyboards and supplemental instrumentation by ginger doss
Bodhran Celia Farran
Background Vocal Lynda Millard
Mixed By ginger doss and Damian Rodriguez Zinc Media
Mastered By Damian Rodriguez Zinc Media

Return with me now
to the land of our mothers
Return, return, return

Sing with me now the songs
of our fathers
Sing, sing, sing

With the thread of ancient memory
In the name of Albion
Reach back with your heart remembering
To entwine and tie the knot

Tell me a tale with sweet voice
and harp string
Braid into vine river and ley line
Dance, dance, dance

From three in sacred symmetry
comes a bond unbreakable
Arise from and return to the infinite
with these chords we form the knot