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Necessary Storm Guided Meditation

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Enjoy this guided meditation set to music, recorded while in meditation, by ginger doss.

Here you will be guided into a deep state of relaxation and calm. You will journey through visualization to your safe space to be charged with energy, freed from burdens and given the time for the rest and relaxation that is so critical to a healthy life. Listen to the soothing sounds of a storm which arrives to cleanse and nourish you. Return from your journey feeling relaxed and restored, and awaken renewed.

Mediation Voice Over Recorded via live video on Facebook while guiding others in live online meditation.

Notes on the music:

Written & Performed Spontaneously By ginger doss

One weekend years ago, Lynda Millard and I went to visit our dear friends Stin and Karla in North Texas. We were all of a similar spiritual understanding and music was a passion for us all. Stin had recording equipment and we decided to do a recording of me spontaneous playing the keyboard while in meditation to create some meditative music. We were excited for what would be created! We pointed a microphone out an open window where some wind chimes were hanging from a tree so that the wind would play them. We set up the keyboard, burned some sage, put on headphones so we could hear the wind chimes and all the sounds from outside while we recorded like the wind and the birds. We had no idea what was just on the horizon. We closed our eyes, Stin hit record, I started to play and we all began to meditate. I just let what come out flow.

What happened next was magical. A storm rolled in! We had no idea this was coming! Energy of Earth and Sky wanted to play along! We captured this magical storm for all time, in that moment. It became our "Necessary Storm" and has been soothing us guiding us and cleansing us ever since.