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  1. My Aphrodite

From the recording Millardian Fables

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My Aphrodite

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My Aphrodite

Lyrics - Lynda Millard
Music - Lynda Millard and Ginger Doss
Written October 12-14, 1995
copyright 1995

Remember the snake in the trees
all I've been given
A life
on my knees
begging to be
For something I couldn't have changed
my soul's hardest lesson
Tried to keep these demons chained
but they wouldn't listen

Persephone's been living in Eden
for too long now
Write to me
what's it like to be
my Aphrodite
How can so much love exist
why is my hand in a fist
She's been hiding from me
now I'm so scared

The only thing seeing us through
this will be knowledge
That all of this was meant to happen
life's a cruel college
And my love, we're blessed
with the truth, awful
and searing
the hands on our ears that shut out
all the voices we're hearing


Remember the snake in the tree
in our bedroom's garden
the fruit of our Avalon
shielded by love's gentle pardon
Bliss is a dangerous game
and I could be losing
life, and all it holds for me
the Goddess is choosing