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Tears on a Soldiers Pillow

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Tears on a Soldier's Pillow

Lyrics - Lynda Millard
Music - Lynda Millard, Ginger Doss, Stin Fox
copyright 1991

When I go
will I say
I should have been stronger
On some other plane
I'll recall how I handled anger
And the weaknesses I find
in those I love
will mirror back what I am made up of
Oh, my soul
writes this letter

When I'm gone
will I wish
I could have stayed longer
To give back some of the love
I never once had
to hunger
Did I take for granted chances
to create smiles
Watching them fly by
like highway miles

The years add up and disappear
like tears on a soldier's pillow
There are rooms in my head
so full of memories
It's like trying to count the leaves
on a weeping willow
It's like trying to count the tears
on a soldier's pillow