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  1. To Be

From the recording Millardian Fables

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To Be

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To Be

Lyrics - Lynda Millard
Music - Lynda Millard and Ginger Doss
Written May 2, 1993
copyright 1995

Solitaire and cigarettes
on one hand
I can
count my regrets
I'm not supposed to have any
that's the test

We were high
remember why
we were there
to grow our wings, but not to fly
We found ourselves in school again
not the sky

This will be the one
just wait and see
pass the deck
and pour another tea
I'm just waiting patiently for me

To be
I am what I am
Just me
what I was, what I am
I am leaving my mark on the world
by not leaving a mark when I leave
We're too busy becoming
to be

Calendar, your pages
fly by me
and it's time I faced this
I'm not supposed to waste any
time to climb
But I have hit a ceiling
that I cannot see
A window's there
but I believe
the bird that flew into the glass
that was me