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  1. Burning Times

From the recording Millardian Fables

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Burning Times

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Burning Times

Lyrics - Lynda Millard
Music - Dana Davis, Lynda Millard, Ginger Doss
copyright 1996

Oh, I'd be ashamed if I were you
they didn't make love to the blue tattoo
Your family and friends
now share your bed
what have they said
inside your head
As we were one, we split in two
they came between the sheets
to prove
you should be ashamed
of me and you

"She's not the one for you
find something new and
here's one we approve
and we'll still love you"

The Catholic and the Crone
I guess I should have known
but I thought
It didn't matter, our love
seemed right at home
I guess you changed your mind
or they did, safety wins
They burned the witch again
I failed the test of time
take me to confession,
but I won't give in
I've done nothing wrong, my love
is not a sin
but these are
the burning times

Oh, I'd be ashamed if I were you
they didn't know me like you do
Let a jury of priests
judge a woman in red
Who wins this, a good mind
or good head
They'd be ashamed of a prodigal son
for loving a mother
instead of a nun
Well, they needn't worry
she'll never survive
judgement day's over
she's barely alive

"She can't harm him now
he's safe at our side
we'll find him a bride
her magic has died"