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  1. From Love To Love
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From Love To Love

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I wrote this song after a long hard day at my day job; the one I had before I decided to give everything up, live my life on the road and devote myself entirely to my music. I had been learning about the Sedona method during this time. This method teaches you in a very simple way how to release emotions that hinder your natural state of well being. I was very frustrated and angry that day. But when I utilized the method, I let all that go and experienced a freedom that allowed me to be at peace and content even though I was doing a very difficult job working in the rain and had mud all over me (running electrical conduit under a 2 story eve) I came to realize that that this method was a quick way to achieve the kind of freedom and nirvana that is sought in meditation. That peaceful feeling lingered as I drove home in rush hour which allowed the melody and lyrics to the first part of the song come easily to me even though I still covered in mud and in, what would have been if I allowed it to be, a miserable situation. I came home showered and immediately went to my studio and started working on it.


Words and Music Ginger Doss
Background Vocals Ginger Doss
All instrumentation and drum loops created by Ginger Doss
Original Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved
5th Anniversary Edition Copyright 2017

There is nothing to fear
When its love that you come from
There is nothing to fear
When its love that you're made of
From love to love
The journey in between is what we are
Please take my love

We can open the door
When we take some chances
Remember who we are
When we drop our defenses
From love to love
Only love exists in different form
Please give your love

Can you feel it
you're not awake yet
if you wanna be it
You gotta open up to it
Forget what you know
Surrender to the flow
Right on to your destiny
Drift in your dream
Never fight the stream
Glide on to your destiny

There is nothing to fear
We are infinite matter
Take a moment to clear
Your mind of the chatter
From love to love