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  1. Gaea Lives

From the recording The Green Album

You cannot download this song here but you can download the whole album at greenalbum.net Meant to be a total package - a portion of download sales go from the Green Album go to Rainforest Trust. I wrote this song specifically for the Green Album project. It was my honor and joy to be asked to participate! When looking for inspiration I looked to Gaea herself and was immediately surrounded by her living essence and the feeling of her as a whole complete being to whom we own everything.


Gaea Lives
Words and Music ginger doss (and Gaea)
all instrumentation, vocals and arrangements
ginger doss

It is your gift to walk the earth
with every step we must remember this
She was born in a storm of sacred fire
with loves direction divine perfection
stirred the elements
to form
this paradise

Gaea Lives

She feels us move across her skin
with every step we make an impact
which one will it be
We must choose to give respect to
the one we owe our life to
Or keep on taking without remaking
til there's nothing left
its in our hands
if Gaea LIves

Gaea LIves

Give love to the earth everybody can
one hand on your heart the other on the land