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Welcome to the GBmojo section of Ginger Doss' Page. From Austin TX, GBmojo is the harmony-driven duo of dynamic solo singer/songwriters Ginger Doss & Bekah Kelso. This "duo of solo artists"  toured steadily between 2007 and 2010 building a powerful following and journeying on highways & high waves of positive vibration, combining Kelso's rootsy soul-folk style with Doss's emotive piano rock moxie, mixing urban wit and ancient wisdom. If the Indigo Girls started a hippy church, Sunday service might sound something like this!  

Now focusing on their individual careers Ginger and Bekah's .com websites are the place to go for the same great CD's, downloads, pictures and more that you could get on GBmojo.com  After all, it is the same music just divided by songwriter  :))  

Thanks to everyone for your continued support of GBmojo, Ginger and Bekah!!! 



GBmojo Shows

GBmojo shows are a rare and special treat.  If there is one coming up you
will be able to find it listed on their individual show schdules.


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