Sirius RIsing - Postponed to 2021

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Brushwood Folklore Center , 8881 Bailey Hill Rd. , Sherman NY 14781.

Some virtual events will take place during the week this gathering was suppose to happen. Stay tuned for links and events as they become available. We are excited for next year as we have agreed to be there !

Sirius RIsing features over 150 Workshops and Hands-on Activities, Evening Music Concerts, Nightly Roundhouse Fires, Drumming, Dancing, Vendors, Food, Sweat Lodge, Camping, Hiking Trails, Labyrinth, Didge Dome, Pool, Hot Tub, Saturday’s Spectacular Celebration, Kids and Teen Programs. If you are interested in participating in workshops, drumming and dancing around the fire or simply relaxing with friends or family in the great outdoors, Sirius Rising is the place for you.