Sirius RIsing

 —  —

Brushwood Folklore Center , 8881 Bailey Hill Rd. , Sherman NY 14781.

Ginger and Lynda are excited to be returning to Sirius Rising! It features over 150 Workshops and Hands-on Activities, Evening Music Concerts, Nightly Roundhouse Fires, Drumming, Dancing, Vendors, Food, Sweat Lodge, Camping, Hiking Trails, Labyrinth, Didge Dome, Pool, Hot Tub, Saturday’s Spectacular Celebration, Kids and Teen Programs. If you are interested in participating in workshops, drumming and dancing around the fire or simply relaxing with friends or family in the great outdoors, Sirius Rising is the place for you.

Mystical Womxns Magic Fest

 —  —

Hart, Michigan

The magic fest is meant to bring about healing within and among members of the community. We are invoking the sacred feminine divine being present within all. We believe in our right to gather and celebrate ourselves. More details coming soon - check this space or ticket link for more info.

Gaea Goddess Gathering

 —  —

Gaea Retreat Center , 25110 235th Street, McLouth, KS

Ginger and Lynda are excited to be returning to GGG!!! (Registration open in spring 2020) Gaea Goddess Gathering is a women only gathering held at Gaea Retreat Center. The primary goal of Gaea Retreat Center is to provide a private, natural retreat area for a variety of people of all spiritual traditions, and to promote a feeling of connection with the land and people on it. Workshops, vendors drum circles and more.