Window to the World

ginger doss

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Window to the World

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This song was inspired by the isolation and disruption we are all experiencing together during the pandemic. It also comes from a longing to reach out to the dear ones in my life that seem even further away now, knowing that I will not be able to travel to them for performances much of this year.

I wanted to reaffirm our connection and speak to the fact that even though we all are spending so much time behind the windows of our houses or apartments and even our devices, we are still very much a part of each other and the world. I invite us to see possibilities through our windows instead of fear and uncertainty; to see the gift offered just outside our windows and beyond and to be reminded of all the support and love that is out there. I wanted to let you know that I see you and I am with you. With this song I wanted to create hope and also point out that our own divine window within is always open and through it is all the connection we will ever need.

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