Sacred Flow

The ablum concept

Welcome to the Sacred Flow Download Page!!

This is my latest project and the first concept album I have done. 

When you download these songs you are literally making a pathway for the Sacred Flow of the universe and at the same time and making this project possible!  The proceeds from each song will pay for the production of the next song and so on until the whole album is finished!  THANK YOU!  <3 

Sacred Practice Becomes Music

From the beginning I knew this project was something special.  Spirit always steers me right where I need to go and in the case of the Sacred Flow Album, farther than I have ever gone before. 

Just before waking in the summer of 2017 spirit whispered in my ear and gave me the inspiration to write songs that represented sacred practice and symbol.  Then like a wave, a series of images formed in my mind.  The mandala, the runes the celtic knot.  I shot out of bed.  I made a list of potential songs and slowly, the songs began to take shape.   

As a song writer with four albums under my belt I had never conceived of an album, named it and made of list of songs from it without one single note of music started.  That's like naming your book and the chapters before you have begun writing.  It was a wee bit scary but I was starting from the best possible place; The place where I had already achieved 4 albums, the place where I had done 2 successful fan funding campaigns, the place there I had seen what I could do under pressure and most importantly, the place where spirit and music meet.   This was a project I would not do alone and have felt spirit within this process more deeply than ever before. 

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