Down Time For Muses

#Musesontheroad Tour (Oct 26th - Nov 21st 2017) Having a few days to rest and recover in Seattle has been so nice. I think at our last show we were all a bit loopy and in much need of some…

When a Muse Loses Her Voice 

For this Muse ~ my voice is the gateway to my heart.  Through it I can show you the the deepest part of me without taking a single step.  Ask me a week ago and I would have said my


New Century Weapon Awareness

Originally Published 2012

If you’re like me, the events of Newtown Connecticut were the last straw. 

“As a nation we have endured too many of these tragedies.” Pres. Obama. 

I agree and I am compelled to act. 

On going Tour Diary 2016

April 30

I have this wideness... a sense of being that feels "big picture" when I prepare for a tour. As I reflect on things I realize that this time is different on many levels. First, I am leaving…

The rest of 2015 in a blaze of glory

Greetings My Awesome Tribe !

Here's is a summary of my life since the release of Hippie Pocket last year.  I don't have a lot of time to write per usual so it will have to be on the brief…

Hippie Pocket Update: This Is Where It's At

Hello beautiful souls who are reading this blog and that I love so much in this world!! I am taking a break from long hours of daily production on the new album to check in with you.  And it’s about…

Hippie Pocket Progress Update 2/12/15

WOW - I  LOVE MY TRIBE.  Period.  Today has blown my mind.  At day 4 of the Fan Fund we are at $1,430.00. I am SO happy, humbled and grateful beyond words!  Listen ya'll... I have learned a lot…

New Years Resolution - Put that in your Hippie Pocket

I have committed myself to healing this year;  to heal my body, my heart and mind from what has been some of the most challenging yet rewarding few years in my life. From some of the worst emotional pain I…

A letter to a friend - I love you Stephen

Dear Beloved Stephen, 

Oh my brother I am so sad to see you go.  But I honor the journey of your soul and celebrate the time I had with you. You were (are) a true original and a gentle loving…