Home again and at a crossroads. 

Traveling and making music is my main bread and budda. But I cannot *live* on the road and out of a suitcase anymore. It was easy when I was the highway hippy with…

Taking care of Mom & The ache inside

Day 5  in Houston with my mom. She is doing pretty well. I thought she'd be in a wheel chair because she was when I saw her two weeks ago.  But she's been upgraded to a walker. So yay for…


Down Time For Muses

#Musesontheroad Tour (Oct 26th - Nov 21st 2017) Having a few days to rest and recover in Seattle has been so nice. I think at our last show we were all a bit loopy and in much need of some…

When a Muse Loses Her Voice 

For this Muse ~ my voice is the gateway to my heart.  Through it I can show you the the deepest part of me without taking a single step.  Ask me a week ago and I would have said my


New Century Weapon Awareness

Originally Published 2012

If you’re like me, the events of Newtown Connecticut were the last straw. 

“As a nation we have endured too many of these tragedies.” Pres. Obama. 

I agree and I am compelled to act. 

On going Tour Diary 2016

April 30

I have this wideness... a sense of being that feels "big picture" when I prepare for a tour. As I reflect on things I realize that this time is different on many levels. First, I am leaving…

The rest of 2015 in a blaze of glory

Greetings My Awesome Tribe !

Here's is a summary of my life since the release of Hippie Pocket last year.  I don't have a lot of time to write per usual so it will have to be on the brief…

Hippie Pocket Update: This Is Where It's At

Hello beautiful souls who are reading this blog and that I love so much in this world!! I am taking a break from long hours of daily production on the new album to check in with you.  And it’s about…

Hippie Pocket Progress Update 2/12/15

WOW - I  LOVE MY TRIBE.  Period.  Today has blown my mind.  At day 4 of the Fan Fund we are at $1,430.00. I am SO happy, humbled and grateful beyond words!  Listen ya'll... I have learned a lot…