A new house, A different life ~ An Expanding Vision

It's official! Andrea and I have found a house to rent which means we have the space to bring my Mom to stay with us for half the year. I am breathing. This is a big life change for me and for our family. It feels good to at last share equally in the responsibility to care for her. It is also a scary prospect on lots of levels. One of which is I will be restricted in my ability to travel which as most of you know greatly effects my ability to perform music for a living. You can only play in your town so much before your peeps need a break; certainly not 3 or 4 times a week unless you play in a cover band in the local hotel circuit. This is why every singer songwriter you know hits the road. Well fortunately I live in the future where videos and Patreon and online concerts are a thing and THANK all of the powers that be FOR THAT!! The girls have been SO awesome. All of them. My Andrea especially. <3 I even told Rowan (who volunteered her room for 6 months) about how my mom used to get on us as kids about our table manners. She got upset at dinner last night thinking she might make grandma Nancy (my mom) mad if she did something wrong. NO WORRIES little girl. This is my chance to cash in on the many times my mom said... "When you live in your own house you can do it your way!" Stay with me folks... I might be out of sight for a bit but I am definitely still here. <3

The house came into our awareness on Easter afternoon. I was out in the parking lot at Unity Church talking to a sweet lady and one of the prayer chaplains for the church, Rosa. We were talking about the service and she told me how much she enjoyed my talk since I had given the message, as well as the music that day.  (A video of that talk is available to my Patrons) Then she casually mentioned that she and her husband were buying a new house.  A voice immediately said to me "Tell her you're looking..."   So with some uncertainty I said... "Just so you know Andrea and I are looking for a house too."  And she immediately said "Oh well our house is going to be for rent..." and the rest is history.  Now it is ours.  And now we have to move. Our move in date is June 21, a bit later than we wanted because the folks that are moving out are going through the process of buying their new place.   Everyday or so we are  going through our stuff section by section little by little. Mostly it's Andrea and the kids stuff because mine has been in storage since I moved in with her nearly 4 years ago.     But I realize I am going through my stuff too... on another and much deeper level 

If you want to heal stuff from your childhood... having your mother move in with you during her end stage of life is a really good time to do it.   There is a lot we must heal, my mother and I, though you would not know it to look at us now. We are two very different people yet bound by blood, a great deal of love and the bond that only a mother and child can have. She is conservative I am liberal.  She struggles with my sexuality and I have for years been peeling away my own guilt for not being what she hoped for. I don't know how she will be in the house with us but Andrea has assured me during during many a doubtful moment that it's all gonna be good not matter what. I am blessed beyond measure that she is taking the journey with me.   And there is so much more that I could write about this but... I don't have time right now. 

I will always create music.  My expenses are rising but my trust is strong.  I plan to keep working on my music every moment that I can. Day jobs and moms care will take a lot of my time. The more patrons I have the more time I can focus on my music.  I plan to stay self employed for as long as I am able so that there will be more time to give to my music. We have a short tour just before mom comes. Check out my calendar for dates as it will be the only one we will have before next summer.  I will be creating as many videos as possible so that they can do the traveling for me. This will take much time and effort.  The more time I have the more will get done. I am FIVE SONGS into my new album and can't wait to begin the next song. I may release them one at a time. That may be the best way to go about it, so that I don't have to keep folks waiting too long. Thank you for continuing to believe in me. 

so much love


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