The Greatest Love of All

(Written as spoken) Transcript of Unity Talk 9.15.19 -

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Let me ask you a question.  Have you told yourself lately that you love you? No seriously. Have you? Maybe looked in the mirror and said to yourself - I love you. And felt it. And meant it.  And didn't even feel silly or anything. Maybe just spent some time looking at your face … and thought about all you have been through and all you have done; all those that you have helped and those that you have comforted. All those times you needed a hug, didn't get one but picked yourself up anyway and moved on. All those times you were sick and went to work anyway or went to visit a friend in need even though you were tired and just wanted to go home. Have you looked at yourself in the mirror and thought of all the moments when you made yourself proud or even when you didn't, just cause life can be hard sometimes, and your still here and said… I love you!   Raise your hand if you told yourself today: I love you!  Well we are at unity.  

Before we were born into this human body our energy existed as one with spirit. Flowing in a complete state of wholeness. When our consciousness focused into the physical being that we now inhabit we entered into our very first human relationship; the relationship between the physical being that we now inhabit and the non physical spirit that we always are.  And from that point on during this life, we are always both. Never one without the other.  

The relationship we have with spirit or source is the most important relationship we have. As you sit here today you represent both a physical and a spiritual being. ALWAYS BOTH. Never just one or the other. And there are clues to this everywhere… I have always had this theory that the story of the garden of eden is in fact the symbolic story of the journey of the spirit into the realm of the physical. 

Corinthians 3:16  reads: Know ye not that ye are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you." In the mysteries of Genesis Charles Filmore comments on this scripture and writes: Under the direction of the Christ consciousness, a new body is constructed by the thinking faculty of human beings; the materials entering into this superior structure are spiritual substances, and the new creation is the temple or body of Spirit. It breathes an atmosphere and is thrilled with a life energy more real than that of the manifest man” 

Wow what could be more real than this … than what I can touch and feel? Well ill tell you...What animates us my friends, our source, our spirit this is what we truly are. For that is our infinite being, what we are forever.  And here on earth this most magnificent body and its journey through time and space is temporary; to learn and grow and experience contrast for the purpose of expansion. 

Ok so what is our source, our spirit; the thing that we are forever? The Only word that I have to describe it and that encompasses the whole concept of it all at once is LOVE. Love is the nature of our source our spirit our soul our god.  Let me elaborate. I am not talking about the love from the hippie chick who comes up to you with a flower who tells you love is groovy man.  Although love is groovy and I would totally take that flower and be so happy.  I am talking about the divine love that is the force of creation. And If you have had a child you know that love.  But you do not need to have given birth to a child to know that love. You get to experience that love when you truly fall in love.  The love that is your source is this same unconditional love that forgives, again and again;  that sees only the best in a person no matter WHAT they do; that would let you go rather hold on to you because they know that is what would truly give you joy.  That love would let you make your own mistakes and not try to control you, knowing that experience is the teacher that will serve you best. The love that is your source uplifts and heals and makes miracles. I am just gonna say it.  The love that is your source is the same love that created THIS universe. When you feel the deep pure unconditional love for your children your true love, your bestie, your feeling the love that made you and everything that is.  When you feel that love you are feeling God and the force that created the universe moving through you. That love, IS your source. And before you came into this incarnation that love was you too. But now that our consciousness is in this body vehicle we are experiencing a relationship with our source, a duality. And wow what a relationship.  

Imagine a partner that is in love with you unconditionally - forever. And before you get creeped out,  keep in mind that you feel the same way about them too.  Imagine a partner that never judges you and only ever want your highest good. That will never ever ever abandon you. But will always give you the space you need to be whatever and wherever you want to be, even if it might be a mistake. Imagine a partner who Is a wellspring of vitality and healing and supports your happiness and joy with and constant stream of generous abundant giving.  Well my friends this is what we have. 24/7. AND We have all the tools we need in this life to take full advantage of this relationship and we also have all the tools to be resistant to that relationship.   

So who here has seen the movie Avatar? It is one of my favorites.   When it first came out in 2009 and for ten years after, it remained the highest grossing film of all time. If you haven't seen it Avatar takes place in a distant future and is about a soldier from earth who is bound to a wheel-chair after an injury in battle. The military sends him to the alien planet Pandora; a rich lush planet that earth and its corporate interests along with the military have occupied so they can mine a very rare precious mineral that is found there in abundance.  The soldier is given a way to link his mind with an Avatar or body, of one of Pandora natives so he can walk among them as one of them. He is suppose to go in, and gain their trust and learn their secrets so they can get access to this mineral, and then get out. But something happens when he begins to live life in this body. He falls in love with this beautiful alien planet and with the tribe of natives who live there and their ways and ultimately the native girl who has been teaching him. He begins to truly embrace life as this new being - while his broken earth body lays in a lab, his brain connected to this avatar by sophisticated computer links. More and more what becomes real to him is the world of his avatar not the world of the broken soldier.   And eventually he sacrifices everything to live the life of his avatar..  

What’s really cool is we actually understand that technology now.  Virtual reality and the idea of linking the human brain with sophisticated programming to simulate an environment is commonplace now. As science and technology advances,  and we can see how all of this works at the subatomic level, at the energy level, science is proving spiritual concepts that have been a part of our spiritual traditions and beliefs since the beginning. It's not just deep inner knowing anymore…The more that science reveals the more mystical and sacred life is proving to be.  

To me this physical body, your physical body is the avatar of your soul. And our soul, our source, is linked with this body. And our thoughts are the signals pulsing through the links between our physical and non physical being that manifest our reality for the purpose of expansion.. We are like avatars for our soul.  But this isnt sci fi ... this is sacred.  We do not need to prove that god exists. We are the proof.  That you and I exist proves that the source exists. We are extensions of source - of god expressing as us.   

From the Vortex by Ester and Jerry Hicks ~ Channeling Abraham

“There is no relationship of greater importance to achieve than the relationship between you, in your physical body, right here and now, and the Soul/Source/God from which you have come. If you tend to that relationship first and foremost, you will then, and only then, have the stable footing to proceed into other relationships.” 

While we exist on this earth our great work is the work of maintaining our relationships. Our relationship to our partners and friends, to our coworkers and communities, our animals and pets, to money, to intimacy, to food, to politics, to our past and our future. It is ALL relationship. And It all starts with the one relationship that made all the other relationships possible; the relationship between our physical being and our spiritual being.  It is the one relationship that makes all other relationships on this plane possible and it is the healthiest most love filled relationship there is.  Yet we so often ignore it. That would not fly in our friendships or our marriage … your boss wouldn't be too happy with you if you ignore him.( Play out the boss scene) Our source doesn't get mad though… we just miss out on the unconditional love and constant well being that is flowing for us all the time.  

So here’s our source,  eternally giving us love and essentially saying “I love you” all day long.  


And here’s us with our ramblin resistant thoughts blocking the way - (waves hand) OMG i have so much to do and can you believe the state of our government and the environment and Ohhh….my BACK hurts and so does my leg what is wrong with me?  I am just getting old and fat and useless. 


Shhhhhh I'm trying to think.  OMG my daughter is driving me crazy.  Every time I try to tell her that she is screwing up her life she just shuts me off and leaves the room.  She is just so difficult! And My husband is not doing a DAMN THING around the house. I have to do it ALL ….and does he say thank you? NOPE.  

I love you... meditate…. meditate  

Ok something is telling me to meditate. I should probably meditate but I don't have time for that!! 
Ok five minutes. I can probably do 5 minutes. (Relaxes hands and breathes)


I know.  Thank you. I love you too.  

Wow I feel a lot better. Oh and I love my husband and my daughter SO MUCH. They are both so beautiful. Maybe I just need to express to him that I need some help around the house.  I never have before. And my daughter … she is so smart and creative. Maybe I just need to learn to be more encouraging and let go a little more. So she can make her own mistakes.  Like i did.  

Let me repeat the quote from the Vortex again  

“There is no relationship of greater importance to achieve than the relationship between you, in your physical body, right here and now, and the Soul/Source/God from which you have come. If you tend to that relationship first and foremost, you will then, and only then, have the stable footing to proceed into other relationships.”  

So if you are having trouble with anyone or anything First, nurture and align with your greatest love of alls... the LOVE that is you.  Nurture that relationship first. And to nurture that relationship is fairly easy. Especially compared to the other relationships in your life.  Especially when you practice every day.  Open and allow yourself to be connected on a regular basis through the spiritual principles you are learning here at Unity. Mindful thoughts and affirmations such as I am allowing source to guide me in this moment. Or: I am opening to the constant state of well being coming from my source. These words along with the feeling they impart strengthens this bond. And Meditation is so important… it opens the conduit for your source to flow, that is closed when we are in resistant thought, so we can benefit from all that good.   When you are living in mindful allowance of the constant flow of unconditional love that comes from your source you are strengthening the foundation of all other relationships. So let's take a moment to do that right now.  


Take a deep breath  

Let your shoulders drop and your neck relax. observe what thoughts creep into your mind without judgement and them let the go.  Another deep breath….. 

Remember being the perfect oneness of energy from where you came.  Calm love. Perfect love. A peaceful colorful blissful essence. Now be born and step forward as you….  Your body as it is now sparkling as it forms around your essence. Look down and Marvel at the vehicle that is you. Now turn around and see that blissful colorful peaceful essence that you came from and notice the chord that connects you flowing with abundant love and energy. And sayThank you.  

Now turn and manifest a mirror with your thoughts. Look into it and see your face… it is the face of you both body and soul. It is the face of God … expressing as you.   Say to your body from your source I love You Now say to you source from your body I love you.   

Now doesn't that feel better. Do this everyday and notice how the other relationship in your life ~ flourish. 


  • Mary Alice Larson
    Mary Alice Larson Springdale
    I am carried away in a glorious sense of satisfaction by this talk, [which I heard]. Satisfaction because these words express pretty closely what is so hard to think about clearly, let alone express! So reading this, I can almost reach the terrific understanding I had as I sat in Unity Church. Namaste, Ginger!

    I am carried away in a glorious sense of satisfaction by this talk, [which I heard]. Satisfaction because these words express pretty closely what is so hard to think about clearly, let alone express! So reading this, I can almost reach the terrific understanding I had as I sat in Unity Church. Namaste, Ginger!

  • ginger doss
    ginger doss
    Thank you Mary <3 Your feedback is so appreciated !

    Thank you Mary <3 Your feedback is so appreciated !

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