Revelation Into Resolution

Revelation Into Resolution

Unity of Fayetteville Talk 1/26/20 (transcript - written as spoken) 

A wise counselor once said to me "you are not your thoughts".  

At the time it was the perfect thing for me to hear. I was seeing her for counseling because I was struggling with my brothers sudden death and dealing with the anxiety and panic attacks of post traumatic stress. 

When she said that, it separated me from the thoughts I was thinking at that time in a profound way and immediately redirected my attention to my true nature.  I was sharing my thoughts with her and she could see that they were scared thoughts, depressed and anxious thoughts. And with one simple sentence she diverted the chaotic flow of my thoughts like a river from one place to another. 

I am not my thoughts? Woe... No one had ever brought that to my attention before. It made me feel better right away. I felt a glimmer of real peace for the first time in so long during that painful time. I am not my thoughts because I am more than this thinking body I knew. That moment was a revelation for me; a spark that resonated with me at a soul level.  It felt like a reminder, like something I already knew deep down. And I wonder Is that why it resonated with me? Because I already knew it? But how could I already know something that I am just now finding out? Because my soul knows. My heart knows. But how? How does my heart know, my soul know? Most of us don’t need an explanation. We just know like we know, and we feel it and that is enough.  But I want to know what is happening when something resonates so deeply with us during moments of profound revelation, and explore that with you now. Because I have a sense that something profound is going on.  

So to get started I looked up resonance and was kind of surprised when I found tons of definitions categorized by the different sciences. 

I don't want to make your head spin but I started to see a significant pattern as I read through the definitions that was backing up my sense about what happens when we resonate on a soul level. So I want to share some of them…  

For Audio Resonance is the reinforcement or prolongation of sound by reflection from a surface or by the synchronous vibration of a neighboring object.  It’s one thing to play music in an empty room and a completely different thing when you are playing music in a room of people vibin with the sound. The music itself seems to expand and become so much more.  

 In electronics resonance is the condition in which an electric circuit or device produces the largest possible response to an applied oscillating signal, especially when it’s inductive and capacitative reactances are balanced. 

In mechanics resonance the condition in which an object or system is subjected to an oscillating force having a frequency close to its own natural frequency. 

I definitely see a pattern here. Science has always excited me because it’s like breaking down god and seeing how divine energy works under a microscope and using mathematical principles. All these scientific principles apply to us as well.   As a student of electronics and a spiritually open mind I at once saw the correlation between the atom and our solar system. And many other aspects of the study of electronics can be applied to the way energy works in us and from a spiritual perspective. Likewise these definitions of resonance I think describe what is happening between our body and soul when we experience deep soul resonating revelation.  Each of these definitions describe interaction, reaction and synchronicity. These things happen in the context of relationship. 

In my last talk I focused on the relationship between our spirit selves and our physical selves and how that relationship truly is the foundation of every relationship we will ever have. As long as we are in this physical body we are always both body and soul, working together.  We are not born physical and then when we die we become a spirit. We are spirit form or pure energy first, then our energy becomes focused as a physical being co-existing and co-creating with spirit during our lifetime and then when we die, we shed our physical form and return to spirit energy.     And while in this body our connection with our spirit our source is directly influenced by the thoughts we think - and our emotional state guides us by showing us  how open we are to that connection. But it is not just a one-sided conversation.  

When we have a revelation … the kind of revelation that has deep energetic resonance we are having a conversation with our source or our spirit, god.  Resonance what the answer feels like. This is how god speaks to us every day. When the switch flips and there is resonance between spirit body and physical body you will feel it; and pay attention. This is the voice of spirit as balanced signal response synchronizing to your body’s heart and mind 

Since my studies of new thought I have come to realize that while I am not my thoughts my thoughts are a critical part of my experience. My thoughts guide my abundant energy to go where I want it to go. And when we think thoughts that do not serve us over and over again they become habit and harder to change. And if we think them over and over again year after year after decade after decade … that’s when we might mistakenly identify with our thoughts as if they were us… until someone comes along and reminds us; that we are not our thoughts. We are spirit focused into physical form at the moment, and our thoughts are our brain/mind energy reacting to and processing the world around us and shaping our experience as a result. Through our choice thoughts can be softened and calmed. They can be healing, compassionate, forgiving, loving. And they can be brand new.  

When we have a revelation it is the dawning of a new thought isn’t it? Backed by the resonance of our soul saying YES.  And just as we can see the correlation between physics and energy work in the spiritual community we can see the correlation between how god creates and how we create. It is the same. We are the same. We are god’s revelation. This universe came into being as a brand new thought in the divine mind of god.  

It’s the beginning of a new year and many of us resolve to be better.  We open ourselves to change at this time probably more than any other time as a collective society.  

I started 2020 with a BANG.  I resolved to quit smoking, quit drinking started a wholes 30 cleanse which is NO SUGAR as well as no grains and no dairy… and exercise and meditate every day.  

And I have mostly succeeded. And the benefits are great but what am I really trying to achieve?  

None of this change really matters if the thoughts I think stay the same. I could be as healthy as could be but if running in the background are thoughts of doubt and insecurity, thoughts that tare me down;  am I really going to see the benefit of all that healthy change in external habits? Maybe for a little while.  

Ugh I am just gonna fail anyway… I should stop now and have a magarta and go on twitter to read people's rage tweets about the political situation.  

All our resolutions are a wonderful beautiful part of who we are as creators stating our intention to expand with the universe.  And I believe there is one resolution we must make before all others. We must resolve to live a life in mindful connection to our divine source in every moment. And that was my revelation this year.  It resonated with me… god said YES ginger. And if you resolve to do that - assistance and most importantly awareness for everything you need in this life to be the best and happiest you have ever been is more readily available to you.   

Many of you may have already made your resolutions. Some of you have not but we resolve to do things all year long.  And my message to you today is whatever you resolve to do use your natural ability to resonate with spirit to guide and assist you in that process. I’ll tell you this right now. If the thought of doing something makes you giddy with joy it is the path you should take. If you are uncertain and confused about something, if you feel your resolve slipping … wait a moment and pray for revelation.  Consciously open your mind to the answer that is always there and you will feel it when it comes, resonate through your being. If nothing is coming if the world feels silent and you feel alone, be grateful for this awareness because it’s showing you something too. Perhaps it is showing you to wait and rest. Perhaps it is showing you to strengthen your awareness of, and open wide to, your inherent right to the constant stream of well being that is always there for you. You will know it when the right answer comes because it will be a revelation that resonates with you.  The unconditional love that made you wants you to be healthy, happy and whole. It serves life purpose for you to be healthy, happy and whole. Because life’s purpose is to flourish and we flourish when we are healthy, happy and whole. There are so many tools to help you stick to this resolution of living in mindful awareness of your connection or oneness with spirit. You can do it by meditation, affirmation and prayer. When thoughts that hurt come through… it’s ok. Be gentle with yourself in those moments. Thank those thoughts for showing you where spirits focus needs to be in your life and release them.  Because that’s not who you are. You are love in physical form worthy of this life which is why you have it. You are a whole part of spirit fulfilling life’s purpose every day and the kingdom of heaven, from which you came and to which you are always connected is waiting to serve your best and highest good.  

Mathew 6:32 & 33 Therefore don’t be anxious, for your heavenly Father knows your needs...But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be given to you. 

 Luke 17:20–21, “The kingdom of God does not come with observation; nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you  

So let’s sit together in prayer and meditation and resonate with each other and with spirit turning within.   

Take a big deep cleansing breath.  Let us pray 

Great light.  You already know our hearts and our greatest desires… You know what we need to heal, to be happy, to be peaceful and content.   Our desires are heard by you every day. Our only true work then is to allow the answer to come through. Help us in this moment and every moment to connect with you first, align with you first remembering that you are the starting point for everything we will do in the year ahead.  

Now lets visualize together… imagine doing something commonplace that you do a lot or maybe even every day; going to work, fixing dinner, doing laundry, taking out the garbage...Now Stop... hold that garbage bag or hold those clothes before you put them in the dryer and align with spirit. Say a little prayer in that moment. Sweet spirit I allow my connection to you in this moment to be strong and clear.  I allow the constant stream of well being to flow into me in this moment and beyond. Now put the clothes in the dyer, or the trash in the can.  

Now imagine something big.  Something important that you know you need to do. Or imagine the feeling that you get when there is something important you know you need to do but are afraid and worried  and you are just on the other side of that door. Imagine you stop and connect with spirit mindfully in that moment. By saying something like Sweet spirit I allow my connection to you in this moment to be strong and clear.  I allow the constant stream of well being to flow into me in this moment and beyond. Now feel the resonance of god supporting you and going with you as you open the door and succeed.

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